Advanced Training - Basic Defensive Handgun Class

We have had many requests for more training classes, so in response we have developed a Basic Defensive Handgun Class This is to enhance your skills and give you more life saving skills. The cost is $50.00 Cash plus range fees for students. It will mainly be on range instruction, no classroom. All we ask is that you come with an open mind and be willing to try some things that you have probably never experienced before. As always Gun Safety will be a very important part of our teaching. This class is geared towards helping you learn more skills than what the CHL classes teach.

This is not a classroom setting it will be on the range standing for most of the entire 3 hours and shooting. Class size is strictly limited for Safety Reasons.

We will tech you the following necessary skills to be better prepared:
Fast Sight Acquisition
Drawing from concealment
Multiple target acquisition
different shooting styles
Shooting on the move
offhand shooting
Scenario evaluation
List of needed equipment and supplies:
Holster for gun
2 or more magazines Magazine pouches
100 rounds of ammunition
Comfortable shoes and clothes
Eye Protection
Ear Protection
Registration is done by email, and is on a first come first serve basis, if you would like to attend please reply to this email confirming you will be there. The Class will be held at The Shooting Gallery 6062 A E. Lancaster Ave. Fort Worth, TX. 76112 If you would like more information please reply to this email.

What a student had to say after attending one of these classes recently:

Just wanted to reflect on how your advanced handgun class was extremely helpful with some very simple and great techniques from your teachings, with 8 years prior law enforcement and many, many hours spent on the shooting range your ability to train others with Integrity and safety of all students is impressing. I would highly recommend this class for any novice or advanced CHL holder, as you work and focus on each student skill level. Thanks again for this outstanding class, I would highly recommend this training for any advanced shooters and I will take another-class soon as a refresher course, if you want to stay in the fight you must.


Darren Votaw