“Personal encounters/beliefs make situation easy to relate to. Posed situations to see both sides /outcomes of a situation. I thought class was well covered and helpful, and done so that it was easy to interact and learn.”

“I thought the class was instructed well. I learned about other resources that I could use.”

“I believe the instructor was very thorough on explaining the Penal Code”

“Instructor was very safety conscious and his knowledge of firearms and safety procedures was very noticeable”

“Excellent instruction on all aspects of Concealed Carry and use of Deadly Force. Explanation of thought process opened up an entire new aspect of how and when to use weapon and force”

“Excellent context”

“Great class opened my eyes to lots of do’s and don’ts”

“Enjoyed the class”

“Good class”

“Instructor was very informative and knowledgeable”

“Awesome class and instructor, looking forward to future classes on gun safety and concealed carry”

“The instructor was great & knowledgeable. great with answering questions. Love the class!!”

“Good instruction, Felt I received excellent instruction in required areas, as well as pertinent opinion and personal testimony. Good course.”

“The class was well done and went by quickly”

“Really appreciate the in-depth conversation”

“Great class , lots of information”
“The class was great”
“Keep doing what you are doing , adding your personal experiences to your lecture really helps to understand everything. Class was great”

“Good teacher”

“I liked everything and have no suggestions on how to improve the class”

“Curtis kept the material interesting and did a great job of engaging the class”

“Great class. Instructor was very interesting and got the material across very well”

“Great class will recommend to others”

“Very informational, great delivery. Thanks”

“Great class, i learned a lot more than I expected”

“Thanks for a great course! You helped reassure my anxiety about concealed carry”

“Great class. The Situational Awareness and safety plan portion was very valuable”

“Great class.”

“great class all around, subjects were very well covered and not rushed. It gave you a new look on carrying and when to draw”

“Well spoke, good volume, direct,precise”

“Very well organized class. The instructor was very knowledgeable.”

“Excellent instruction including out of box thinking and real life possibilities. Class is well prepared , taught and fun for students, I don’t have any suggestions believe class to be very adequate and above and beyond in helping students to be responsible, sensible CHL holders”

“Very informative and enjoyable. Class was well put together and presented well.”

“Great class, will recommend this class to everyone.”

“The real world examples helped to clarify the confusing legal jargon.”


“Great Teacher”

“Great class. I appreciated the many examples and scenarios as you listened to our thoughts.”

“Good job at getting the lesson across without putting everyone to sleep, great at Key point targeting”

“I enjoyed the personal stories and real-life examples to better understand the material.”

“Good class”

“Class and instructor were great!”

“Good course, informative and concise. Just the right time frame to cover subjects. Instructor was knowledgeable and insightful. I would recommend to others seeking a CHL.”

“Great job teaching class. Much better than my first instructor”

“Law clarification was very helpful”

“Great class. I learned a lot.”

“My class instructor was very informative and knowledgeable”

“Great instructor and information”

“Great class . Can tell the instructor genuinely cares about the topic and people he is training”

“Instructor was very knowledgeable and did an awesome job of keeping us engaged by using real life examples”

“The CHL class was very professional. I will recommend others to this class hands down”

“Instructor touched all important parts for CHL. Communication and style of teaching was great . Instructor gave great examples during class session. Instructor is very knowledgeable on CHL.”

“Well presented -applicable personal examples cited. Thought provoking and stimulating. Overall it was very enjoyable and informative.”

“Great class, thank you”

“Great class”

“Instructor was very knowledgeable about the topics and explained it and made sure I understand everything he explained”

“Great Class . Very knowledgeable”

“Curtis did a great job . He answered all of my questions”

“Instructor was very thorough with regards to Texas Penal Code and how it applies to real world scenarios”

“Class was very educational”

“Great examples and explanation of the laws and rights”

“I am a Marine Corps Range coach and I have learned and taken away a good amount of information from this class. They teach to not kill, to defend and retreat from certain situations. Thank you for your time”

“Instructor was excellent in presentation and knowledge of subject. Would recommend to others! Class was great.”

“Lots of great additional information that was relevent”

“Well taught, Will Recommend course”

“The Class was great. Loved It!”

“Highly appreciated Curtis’ perspective & professionalism. ”

“Great class”

“Instructor was motivated and well educated . I feel he exceeded the standard in giving this class, I have already recommended this class and will continue to and I would also take another class.”

“Nice use of examples for explaining the laws”

“Thank you. Keep doing what you are doing”

“Great class! Instructor used real-life examples.”

“I enjoyed this class thoroughly. Thank you for answering all of my questions. I look forward to scheduling one of your self defense handgun courses”

“I learned a lot of safety tips and rules I had previously not known. Instructor was very good. It was very informative.”

“Great class . very well taught”

“Best class yet, very much worth my time”

“Great class , very well taught”

“Enjoyed the class and the situations that were discussed”

“I attended your 2-9-2014 CHL class and wanted to pass along something you may want to use as an example in your class of being completely aware of your surroundings. Unfortunately, I had to draw my weapon last night to stop an assault on a friend that happened in my own garage. Fortunately, I did not have to fire it. A friend and I were standing in my garage when a couple walked past on the street. You could tell they were arguing as she was yelling at him to “stop talking to me”. Of course, that got our attention and we moved to the garage door to observe. As the female was walking past, my friend said something to the effect of “you tell him”. She then yelled at my friend to not talk to her and began to approach us, walking with intent. My friend is a CHL holder, but he had put his hand gun in the repair shop that morning. My hand gun was still in my truck as I had not gone into the house yet, and I didn’t think I would need it in my own garage. I won’t make that mistake again. As the woman approached my friend, he put his arm up to block her. This caused her boyfriend to rush the garage yelling at my friend to take his hands off his girlfriend. They were standing between me and my weapon. After a brief exchange of words, the male sucker-punched my friend and the scuffle led into the yard. This took a matter of a few seconds. As I approached, unarmed, to intervene the assailant backed away. That gave me the opportunity to get my .380 from my truck. I held the gun down to my right, pointed at the ground, and told him I would defend myself. They immediately retreated to the street and left. I did not try to detain them. A witness called 911 and I told her to inform the dispatcher that there was a weapon involved. After police and ambulance arrived (my friend suffered only minor injuries), I used your method of elbows in/hands out to show the officers I was unarmed. I also told them where the weapon was. They found my “brandishing” the weapon was completely justified. The suspects were never found”¦probably never will be. Thank you for the guidance from the class on what to do. I hope that the outcome would have been the same (no loss of life) had I had the gun on me when they first approached. I will not make the mistake of being without it again! Thanks, again.”

“Great training, instructor was informative and very knowledgeable. I have greater confidence in knowing the laws that regulate carrying a handgun.”

“I enjoyed the class, I liked that you had a lot of personal stories to parallel the teaching subjects. The shooting portions was very well instructed, made it much more comfortable”

“Well done. Information received was as expected”

“Well done. I especially liked the emphasis on NOT using the gun.”

“I like the focus on shooting is the last resort. Too many times CHL holders are seen as being
“trigger happy”. Also liked the focus on legal ramifications”

“Very Informative”

“Learned quite a bit about entering a home and deadly force”

“Great instructions . I would recommend to others”

“Well presented- understandable”
“Great class! Instructor was really interesting and engaging”

“Great class”

“Curtis did an outstanding job! Good instructor”

“Curtis was very knowledgeable and insightful with his teaching! He made sure we all understood and left no question unanswered. I really enjoyed my experience”

“Class was very informative and taught on a basic level. It was clear and to the point”

“Great class, hands down”

“Really liked how the instructor gave everyday life events”

“I have over the last couple of years been considering doing this, and as such have tried to be knowledgeable on the laws that pertain to it. I learned a lot of things today that I did not know. Thank you.”

“Great and knowledgeable instructor”

“Very thorough- I learned a lot! Points were well phrased and easy to remember”

“Instructor was incredibly knowledgeable on subject matter. Thank You!”

“My instructor Curtis was very helpful when I was nervous in the shooting range”

“Great for the second time around”

“great class and I learned a lot”

“Great class. Very well conducted. very professional!”

“Great examples and explanations”

“Great class”

“Excellent class, I gained a lot of knowledge from the class”

“Class was nicely balanced and well thought out”

“Curtis was awesome, great articulation, funny, informative, real and fun to listen to. Loved the class, information was easy to understand”

“I think the class was fantastic and wouldn’t change a thing”

“Instructor was knowledgeable and very easy to understand”

“Good class and instruction”

“Very interested thru out- learned a lot, as expected”

“Very informative with proper gravity given to the topic while still being very interesting”

“very informative , thank you! I appreciate your knowledge and interest in CHL”

“Great idea and use of situations and actions to take. Good use of personal experiences relating to CHL”

“Great class! Enjoyed it. It was well done . I learned a lot of good practical knowledge”

“NIce when actual events were used as examples”

“Great class! I really enjoyed it.”

“Great class. Awesome instructor, very informative”

“Good discussions were encouraged. Discussing the instructors prior experiences assisted in better understanding of the topic”

“Great class. Very Informative and taught very well”

“Appreciate sensitivity during time at range, encouragement, support”
“Coming into this class I thought/wanted THE rules and laws. The laws were thoroughly covered but you made it very clear that it is not black and white, and how important awareness, assessment,safety and judgement are. I appreciate so much the knowledge obtained today. A completely different way of looking at the responsibility of your rights. Great job at putting things into a real life perspective.”

“Everything that we needed to know for the test was covered efficiently. He also went over things even though it wasn’t on the test. A lot of the information was very helpful and insightful”

“Curtis was very informative, professional, and engaging. He was thorough in explaining all aspects of the information. He is very skilled in teaching, common sense, and advice. I especially liked the real-life scenarios he used to explain circumstances and situations.”

“I have been an adult trainer for more than 50 years, and Curtis is among the few outstanding professional trainers whom I”ve had the pleasure to have train me. His personal experience and No non-sense methods of conducting this training resulted in an excellent class in which he maximized student learning.”

“Curtis was very good at combining the written curriculum with real life scenarios to show examples. Very good range instructor, safe & professional. I wouldn’t hesitate to take another class from him.”

“Just wanted to say thank you so much for your detailed CHL Course I attended. I have been a City Police officer, Village Marshal, and a Deputy Sheriff and felt the need for an update course on the laws and weapon handling to stay current. I was impressed by the level of professionalism through out the course. I was also pleased with the follow-up advanced course that I attended and I plan to continue to keep myself updated using your organization in the future. Well done Curtis!”